Revision Test 3

Welcome to Revision Test 3

1) What is the MAIN purpose of wearing protective clothing?
2) What is a toxin?
3) Which is the SAFEST way to thaw a whole frozen chicken?
4) Why should food handlers NOT wear strong smelling perfume or aftershave?
5) What is the MAIN reason why hair should be covered when preparing food?
6) Why should raw and cooked foods be kept separate?
7) What is the BEST reason why you should NOT wear a watch in a food preparation area?
8) Why is it important that outside waste bins are kept clean and have lids?
9) Which of the following does NOT cause a physical contamination risk?
10) What is meant by the term “carrier”?
11) The MAIN reason why food handlers must frequently wash their hands is to:
12) What should you do if you cut your finger at work?
13) Cross-contamination is MOST likely to occur when:
14) People who handle food should keep their fingernails:
15) When is it MOST important to wash your hands?
16) What is the MAIN danger to food safety from food handlers wearing jewellery?
17) Spores increase the risk of food poisoning because:
18) Why is it important to use brightly covered plasters on cuts?
19) Which of the following is an example of physical contamination?
20) Which of the following is an example of chemical contamination?